MobileAppsToday Podcast 2: Frank McPherson Discusses His T-Mobile G1 Experiences

Posted in podcast by mobiletoday on November 28th, 2008 Podcast #2

Frank McPherson - Author of: How to do Everything with Windows Mobile - Blogs: &

Topic - T-Mobile G1/Google Android - Last two phone he regularly used? — T-Mobile Shadow — HTC Tytnn II

Why try the Android?

What does Frank think of the G1 after more than a month of regular use?

Current favorite apps? - Locale - Weather Channel

What apps are Frank hoping to see for Google Android in the near future? - Evernote - eWallet - eReader

Thoughts on Android app pricing? Seems higher than iPhone apps

Biggest issues with the G1 so far? - Memory management? - Storage - Battery life

Best things about using the G1 so far - T-Mobile 3G - Being part of something new

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